giphy tv


Chrome Extension

Respond to emails, tweets, and more with GIFs quickly and easily anywhere on the web.

Giphy TV

Stay up all night channel surfing GIFs fullscreen in your browser.


Enjoy all the GIFs or select a custom screensaver from GIF artists and popular categories.


Access our infinite database of GIFs and quickly hack, experiment, and build your own projects. Click here for more.

Sticker API

Every app needs Giphy Stickers; they’re stickers that move. We have more than anyone else in the world, and we put all of them into the Giphy Sticker API so your users can send animated stickers all day.

Firefox Extension

Bring the power of a GIF search engine anywhere on the web. Respond to emails, tweets and more with GIFs quickly and easily.

Safari Extension

Bring the power of a GIF search engine anywhere on the web. Respond to emails, tweets and more with GIFs quickly and easily.

Wordpress Plugin

A plugin that allows you to inject Giphy GIFs into your WordPress posts with ease.


A plugin that allows you to inject Giphy GIFs into your MovableType posts with ease.

Facebook Status Updater

Giphy's official Facebook app! We make it super easy to find the perfect GIF for your status update. GIF it a try!


Adds Giphy GIF support to weather service, Poncho.

Lucille Hipchat Bot

Lucille is a Hipchat bot built on the Giphy API. Once running, type "/giphy " then a search term into your Hipchat room, and Lucille will return a random GIF matching that term.

Giphbot Hubot Plugin

Built on the Giphy API, Giphbot is a plugin for Hubot for bringing GIFs into your chatrooms.


With Zeega, you can use any media in the cloud, transform the entire screen into your playground, and share your interactive creations with the world. It relies on the Giphy API for GIF integration.


Turn the funniest GIFs into personalized ecards.


Gifanator allows you to send GIFs to friends and mobile devices via the Twiliio API and the Giphy API.

Mozilla Popcorn Maker

Mozilla's Popcorn Maker helps you easily remix web video, audio and images into cool mashups that you can embed on the web. It relies on the Giphy API for GIF integration.

Kik Messenger

Kik brings Giphy support to messaging. Search and share your favorite GIFs through Giphy.


We've teamed up with Slack to bring Giphy straight into your chat room. To integrate, simply type "/giphy coffee time" and you'll be prompted to add our integration. No mess, no fuss, moar GIFs.

GiphyPop Python Library

giphypop is a wrapper around the Giphy api. It aims to provide a more intuitive, pythonic way for interacting with the Giphy api.

Giphy Ruby Gem & CLI

A Ruby interface and command line program for easily integrating the Giphy API into your Ruby apps.

IFTTT Channel

Connect Giphy with all of your favorite apps with one simple statement: If 'Giphy' then 'that'

Machete Kills Game

An original GIF game created for Machete Kills. Choose who Machete should kill next!


Make GIFs from any video online and easily upload them to Giphy! Just paste the link and create. Built by Kyle Conrad and presented by Giphy.


Discover a new gif every time you open a new tab. Created by our friends Farid Hosseini, Alberto Montagnese, and Giuseppe Macrì.

GIFmas Tree

Take a moment to decorate your very own kitschy GIFmas tree.


Giphy + Animated Text have teamed up to create GIF BOMB! Give us any URL and we’ll spice that website up with a random GIF message overlay.


YO "YOFUNNYCATS" and we'll YO you a url pointing to a random funny cat GIF. Built by Jeffrey Auriemma.

See Hear Party

This app pulls GIFs from the Giphy API and displays them as a music visualization timed to the beat of a user-supplied Soundcloud search. Created by Peter Javidpour.


Text a keyword or phrase to (202) 800-1334 to receive a GIF! Powered by Twilio MMS + Giphy API (translate endpoint) and built by Twilio evangelist, Greg Baugues.


The Internet's premier nightclub. Add a dancer, select a song, share your party. Built by Fuzzy Wobble and presented by Giphy.

Bindle Chat

iOS Group chat for everything else on your mind. Utilizes the Giphy API to allow users to search for GIFs to share


Gifyogurt is the quickest way to swirl up Giphy animated GiFs with music! Instantly create to share on Vine, Instagram, and more.

The GIF Oracle

Add GIFs inside any Twitch channel chat room! Leverages both the Twitch and Giphy API. Built by Zac Lovoy


Natively search, find, and share Giphy GIFs inside GroupMe!


Add Giphy GIFs to your RebelMouse posts! Just head over to the Giphy box in your Content Sources tab and type in any keyword or phrase.


Easily add GIFs to your Zendesk tickets with the official Zendesk + Giphy app! It uses the 'translate' feature to recommend GIFs based off ticket keywords.


Natively insert Giphy GIFs into your email campaigns. Just navigate over to the 'Design' step of the Campaign Builder.

GIF Watch

This watchface shows you a different animated GIF every time you check the time! Leverages the 'random' endpoint from the Giphy API and eorks on all Android Wear devices.

Vitamin Bey

Uses the 'random' GIphy API endpoint to deliver different animated gifs of Queen Bey on refresh...because sometimes you just need a little more Vitamin Bey.

Launch Center Pro

Launch Center Pro comes with a built-in Giphy GIF search and preview feature to copy links to animated GIFs or send them as files over iMessage.

Glitch Wizard

Create mind-bending glitch animations to photos, videos, and GIFs. Uses the Giphy API to enable users to search for GIFs to glitch.

Kanvas Keyboard

Kanvas is the easiest way to add your favorite Giphy GIFs and Stickers right inside your iOS keyboard!

Find a funny GIF. Send it to your friends. Share a laugh. Powered by the Giphy API.


textPlus adds Giphy support so you can share GIFs inside your messages with your friends!


Print trending Giphy GIFs as real paper flipbooks! Built by @levelsio


Create video collages of your favorite Giphy GIFs, then easily export them into your favorite social network!


Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security. It has a native Giphy integration so users can search, find, and send GIFs all within the app.


ZZZINE pulls a user’s top 12 tweets and pairs them each with a GIF to make a fun web-zine. Uses Giphy Translate to convert tweets to GIFs.

Fleksy Keyboard

The fastest, most customizable keyboard. Add the official Fleksy Giphy extension to your keyboard to send GIFs!

Cheezburger iOS

I can has GIFs! Cheezburger's addictive iOS app adds the ability to search and create the next meme using Giphy's API.


Pulls in the best, animated stickers via the Giphy Sticker API and uses facial detection to slap them on your face! Get ready to make the ULTIMATE SELFIE.


Flashlight is OS X's built-in spotlight search on steroids. The official Giphy plugin let's you seamlessly search for the right GIF right from your desktop.


Built by MIT, GIFGIF is a tool to map the emotional language of GIFs with quantitative methods. Powered by the Giphy API.


Storify's Giphy API integration let's you easily search and add GIFs to your posts, all within the story editor!


PicCollage's GIphy integration let's collage makers easily add Giphy Stickers and Giphy GIFs to their masterpieces!


The DO it yourself button! Send yourself a Giphy GIF on command!


OpenWeather API + Giphy API! Uses roulette to pull a random GIF associated to the weather in any city!


Workflow connects apps and actions together to automate things you do. Quickly search for GIFs with the Search Giphy action.

Video Star

The easiest and fastest way to make your own music video with Giphy!


Built-in Giphy search allows you to find and share GIFs right inside GroupText+!


Express yourself with Giphy GIFs inside Dasher! Not satisfied with the GIF you sent? Use their shuffle feature to swap it out!

Giphy for VIM

GIFs in your VIM!!


Track GIFs by your favorite keyword in your IOS Today View to keep up-to-date with new GIFs! Powered by the Giphy API


A daily summary of news in GIFs for iOS and Android. Powered by the GIPHY API