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About Us

Quirky Pictures is the collective talent of award winning animators Shaun Clark and Kim Noce. With over five years experience of teaching animation workshops to people aged from 7-70, Shaun Clark and Kim Noce have formed Quirky Pictures to teach animation through innovative practices and techniques.

Based in London, England Quirky pictures run a number of different animation workshops from Plasticine animation, Sand animation, Charcoal animation, Cut-out Puppetry, Silhouette Puppets to drawn animation and pixilation workshops. Quirky Pictures also teach Flash animation, After Effects animation, Photoshop and Illustrator as well as run Masterclasses in animation.

Every workshop is written and planned to suit the lesson with agreed learning out comes, or planned to suit a specific event (festival, exhibitions, half term holiday, family day, etc). Wether its a short film you want to make, a program you want to learn or a lesson you want to teach combining animation, Quirky Pictures can provide professional guidance.