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monday rat GIFgiraffe GIFoc bamboozle GIFsleepy sushi GIFSleep Chick GIFsorry taste GIFcostume giraffe GIFbrother sister GIFtail GIFAnimated GIFdeal jim GIFtuck GIFkittens bush GIFcat toddler animals being jerks pounces GIFDance Moving GIFkitty GIFday GIFsnuggle GIFcats kisses GIFVideo gif. A cute cat jumps towards us as if it wants samoyed GIFfriends bff GIFsmartass GIFVideo gif. Beagle is sitting on the end of a treadmill and has one paw on the moving track. They gently paw at it while yawning and there's no way they're actually getting on. Text, "Exercise is good for health."
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