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Family Continues Mariachi Tradition For Birthday

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Wildlife gif. A gorilla in a zoo enclosure spins around on one back foot with his body tucked in like he’s a trained figure skater.George Costanza Flirting GIF by MOODMANFlex GIF by FunimationCelebrity gif. Rihanna in the music video for "Work" leaning her head back and singing the chorus, "work work work work work."Hell Yeah Dancing GIF by collinVideo gif. A dachshund puppy jumps repeatedly on an ipad on a couch making what looks like paw prints pop up on the screen. Ad gif. Several dachshunds, wearing hot dog costumes, run serenely and happily through a green grassy field.Bounce Bouncing GIFBen Affleck Acceptance Speech GIF by The Academy AwardsSports gif. John Cena is in the ring roaring with power and he's edited to go Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball Z.Black Hole Space GIF by The New YorkerFury Road GIFPolice Costume GIF by Victoria's Secret Fashion ShowLeonardo Dicaprio Oscar GIFDonald Trump Head Nod GIFGrizzly Adams 70S GIFVideo gif. Furry orange puppet wearing leather lifts its goggles off of its eyes and looks at us. Text, “Wicked.”Dont Leave Me Oscars 2016 GIF by The Academy AwardsVideo gif. A close-up of a golden retriever's smiling face. Text, "ok!!!"Celebrity gif. A thoughtful Frank Sinatra leans against the back of a chair and smiles, blinking.Dog Comedy GIF by RETROFUNKPolitical gif. Donald Trump has a sarcastic expression on while giving a speech and a pair of pixelated glasses slowly desecends on his face with a white hat that says, "Make American Decent Again." Video gif. Baby happily runs toward us in a living room, then a cat jumps in the frame to attack and knocks the baby to the carpet, where he lays crying.Gucci Mane Lemon GIFSesame Street Hanukkah GIF by Romy
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