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Video gif. Crowd of people in business attire slowly rise from their seats and clap fervently. Jill and Joe Biden and Michelle Obama pop up from the front row.Do You Even Lift Joe Biden GIF by Obamajimmy fallon ew GIF by Obamasingle ladies pizza GIFBarack Obama Yes GIF by Obamabarack obama nickelback GIF by ObamaStephen Colbert GIF by ObamaTurn Up Turnip GIF by ObamaGIF by Obamai'm potus barack obama GIF by ObamaBarack Obama Deal With It GIF by ObamaBarack Obama Potus GIF by Obamahappy GIF by Obamabarack obama potus GIF by Obamathere we go text GIF by ObamaBarack Obama Potus GIF by ObamaGIF by Obamapresident obama potus GIF by ObamaLate Show gif. Obama looks at and speaks with host Stephen Colbert. Obama nods his head and says as Stephen listens, "That is true." Stephen turns his head in response.  delete barack obama GIF by Obamathat's when i knew i had found a kindred spirit GIF by ObamaBarack Obama Lol GIF by ObamaScrolling Michelle Obama GIF by ObamaBarack Obama Reality GIF by ObamaBarack Obama Politics GIF by Obama
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