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SpongeBob gif. SpongeBob shudders and blinks with wide eyes as he lays in bed with the covers pulled up under his nose.Video gif. Black dog lies on the floor looking up over its shoulder with cartoonish wide eyes that move around as the camera zooms.Video gif. A smiling baby jerks as if scared and its eyes grow wide as it stares in shock. The Simpsons gif. Homer's eyes are crossed and his mouth is open wide as he screams. His lips quiver from the vibration of his high scream, tongue flailing around.Cartoon gif. A very nervous man with long hair and glasses holds one hand to his head as he breathes into a paper bag.The Simpsons gif. Homer is frozen, standing very still, with a blank expression on his face. He slowly slides himself backwards into a bush to disappear and hide.TV gif. Kermit the Frog from The Muppets chews on his frog fingers as if he has fingernails and trembles in fear. Cartoon gif. Jerry on Tom and Jerry shakes in terror as his limbs stay stiff and his eyes bug out. SNL gif. We see a close-up of Maya Rudolph's face. She's wearing a blonde wig and has an expression of extreme horror and fear, her mouth slightly ajar.Family Guy gif. A pantsless Stewie sits in his crib with a disturbed look on his face and bags under his eyes. He clutches his knees as he rocks back and forth.TV gif. Ben Savage as Cory in Boy Meets World screams in terror holding his hands up and shaking then running away.Celebrity gif. Will Ferrell on the Late Late Show, wearing a suit jacket, turtleneck and a scarf, gesticulates firmly with his right hand. Text, "I am scared to death right now"Movie gif. We see a close-up shot of John Candy grabbing at the arm of a suit on a hanger, scared and looking for a place to hide.Video gif. We zoom in on a girl glancing sideways out a window with a concerned expression on her face.SNL gif. Kristen Wiig stands in a living room wearing a giant, multi-colored sweater which she pulls up over her mouth with both hands like she's trying to hide. Her mouth comes back out of it as she screams in horror. Family Guy gif. Stewie sits on a patch of sand, arms crossed while rocking back and forth, with worried-looking eyes.Movie gif. Characters Timon the meerkat and Pumbaa the warthog scream in absolute panic. Text, "AHHHHHHHHHH!"Video game gif. Two rabbit like creatures from Mario plus Rabbids clutch each other closely as they scream with open mouths and bulging eyes. Movie gif. Trembling in fear, Ariana Richards as Lex in Jurassic Park holds a shaking spoonful of green jello.SpongeBob gif. Spongebob lays in bed, holding his blanket over his mouth. He trembles with fear and looks across his room with big, wide eyes.Muppets gif. Beaker trembles with horror, eyes and mouth agape and hands up by his shoulders.SNL gif. A frightened, wide-eyed Kenan Thompson is so still that you almost can't tell this is a gif.Video gif. Baby sits in a play seat and laughs but then quickly appears startled, jumping and wide-eyed.scared dean winchester GIFTV gif. Ola Ray as Michael Jackson’s girlfriend in the Thriller video screams in terror, her hands shaking in fear.
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