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Celebrity gif. Mike Tyson slowly turns his head and looks straight at us. A smile crosses his faces and he nods lightly. Video gif. A young girl turns to the camera and smirks knowingly.Video gif. Old man wearing a straw boater hat turns his head from the side, facing us, squinting with a smile.The Hobbit Smile GIFReality TV gif. Kailia Posey on Toddlers and Tiaras sits in a room full of sparkly, extravagant tiaras. She looks away from us with big eyes and a cheeky smile.Video gif. A light orange dog, ears flopped to both sides, narrows its eyes and positions its snout in a shy cartoon smile.Movie gif. Ryan Reynolds as Andrew Paxton in The Proposal has a worried, sad expression on his face. He slowly turns to look at us and shifts his expression to a smug smirk. Norman Bates Smile GIFHappy GIFVideo gif. A cute rabbit smiles in an exaggerated, almost human way. Another rabbit smiles back. Movie gif. Flynn from Tangled is sitting in a chair and he gives his most charming smile, raising one eyebrow up for emphasis. TV gif. Rachel Bilson as Zoe in Hart of Dixie. She gives a wide, sheepish smile as she raises her shoulders and shrugs in encouragement.Video gif. A cute dog with big ears smiles wide, revealing a set of sparkling human teeth.Nick Offerman Smile GIFMovie gif. Walter Matthau as Mr. Wilson from Dennis the Menace gives us a buck-toothed smile. The front teeth of his dentures have been replaced with Chiclets.Movie gif. Michael Keaton as Batman. He's wearing his full Batman suit and smiles slowly.Video gif. Boy grins with his mouth open and he pours water into his mouth without ever closing it or swallowing. It spills all over him as he continues to smile and stare at us, unblinkingly.Tv Show Smile GIF by Ash vs Evil DeadCelebrity gif. Close up of Stephen Colbert's face as he stares at us. Slowly the smile on his face grows wider and then he says, β€œK.”TV gif. Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana pleads sweetly by batting her eyes and smiling.Cartoon gif. A bear smiles with happy closed eyes as it claps.Video gif. Pug blinks and smiles wide, showing off bright white human-like teeth.Movie gif. Jack Black as Ignacio in Nacho Libre looks towards the camera with a small, tight grin, and then looks away awkwardly, pressing his lips against his teeth. TV gif. Alfonso Ribeiro as Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He's heard something very exciting and he turns his head, looking around eagerly. He starts to breathe very heavily, and pants with anticipation.Parks and Recreation gif. Aziz Ansari as Tom looks to the side expectantly and then turns his face toward us with a big smiling grin.
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