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Sean Penn 80S GIFSick 1980S Tv GIF by absurdnoiseFran Healy Thursday GIF by TravisText gif. The text, "Throwback Thursday" flashes in a variety of colors.90S Snacks GIFCelebrity gif. Fran Healy when he’s older turns his head to the side, almost in a pose similar to the famous Thinker statue, and then we see him younger smiling and leaning over in a chair.Music video gif. Fran Healy of Travis throws a guitar across a dark stage before we cut to a clip of him walking through a snowy landscape as the guitar hits him on the head. Text, "Throwback Thursday."Video gif. Fisheye view of Travis band frontman Fran Healy screaming. Text, "Throwback Thursday."Back In The Day Week GIF by Pudgy PenguinsText gif. Minimalist block text flashes from blue to red to yellow, against a peach-colored background, reading "Throwback Thursday."