The cast of "The Real Housewives of New York City" have given us so much over these last nine - nine! - years, and this season is no exception. Wednesday night's episode was overflowing with GIFable moments, so here are 10 of our favorite new reaction GIFs, thanks to these ridiculously entertaining NYC women.

Us, whenever we watch the news.

#SorryImNotSorry summed up in one GIF.

When someone buries the lead.

When you and your pals are plotting something devious, but you're also classy dames who enjoy a good cheese plate.

Pretending to listen when you're really debating whether or not to go grocery shopping tonight.

When someone posts 10 Instagrams in a row.

Feigning surprise after your friend tells you gossip you've already heard.

Being so over-the-top excited that you feel the need to convulse on a bed.

When the conversation takes a dark turn.

The ultimate *pretending to care* GIF:

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