If you were on the internet at all during the NBA Finals this year, you probably saw this GIF of Steph Curry:

But what is that? What does that mean? What are those flames coming out of him? I'm confused! Well, allow GIPHY to explain. You see, there's an anime called Dragon Ball Z. In this anime, characters are able to go "Super Saiyan", which basically means they can transform into super-powerful, blonde haired, electro-shocky versions of themselves.

But GIF artists have been making people (especially sports figures) go Super Saiyan for a while now. We're certain you've all seen this GIF of soccer coach Miguel Herrera...

...or football coach Jim Harbaugh...

But the Super Saiyan meme hit a new peak this year thanks to the NBA Finals, with GIFs of both Steph Curry:

and Lebron James:

But it's not just athletes who go Super Saiyan:

Want more Super Saiyan GIFs? GIPHY has them!