If you weren't one of the lucky thousands that passed through the doors of 201 Mulberry Street this weekend and into the biggest and best GIF art show to ever happen, don't worry! We've got you covered. Although the works in the space were IRL interpretations of GIFs, we still made sure to collect their online counterparts on our Loop Dreams channel for all to enjoy. 

We'll have more wrap-ups of the weekend to come! For now, here's the most important thing: the art.

Curated by GIPHY:

“Bruxist Mirror 1” by Sam Rolfes

“Kinkade Spirit Board” by LaTurbo Avedon

“Pell-Mell Drum None” by Lauren Pelc McArthur

“Cut and Sew” by Phyllis Ma

“BFF” by Katri Tikkanen

“v Hiatus” by Nicole Ginellli

“long_worm.gif” by Julian Glander

“Emotion Vector Field” by Leon Denise and Damien D. Richard

“RED” by Eno Swinnen

“Lumpy Buddy” by Stuart Wade

“Snow, 2016” by Dina Kelberman

“No title” by Martin Onassis

“Traffic” by Karan Singh

“I ate you” by Jess Mac

“Memento Mori: « remember that you will die »” by Mattis Dovier

“Staircase” by Zach Scott

“Nucleus” by Winston Duke

“If a Man Vapes in the Forest” by James Kerr (Scorpion Dagger)

“Unstill Lifes” by Parker Jackson of GIPHY Studios

“Wave Patterns” by John Fogarty

“Delirious” by David Berrebi


Curated by Rhizome:

“SCARED_STRAIGHT (2016)” by Laura Brothers

“parts of body/wrong way/eyes/do not enter/ (2016)” by Jacob Ciocci

Two details of “INDEX (2016)” by Nicolas Sassoon

“when the loud is too loud (2016)” by Yung Jake

“My wife, my life (2016)” by Ann Hirsch

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