Andrew Benson is an LA-Based artist who not only makes incredible, multi-faceted character GIFS, but also uses his own personal website as a way to introduce people to his palette with several unique web-based drawing tools. We asked Andrew to combine his interests in web-based tools and GIFs for his GIPHY Arts fall commission, and his response was Boopy.Club, a new GIF creator for the world. 

Simple in appearance, Boopy.Club allows users to layer animated sprites over other animated sprites, in different styles, to create a composition, which can then be shared via GIPHY. There are also a few other ways to draw, but we won't give away the surprises. Andrew, a Boopy Master, created four different compositions that we are proud to exhibit here.

You can try Boopy.Club for yourself here, and you can see the galleries of everyone's Boopies here

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