Post Vision is an artist collective that loves the internet. Founded by artists Nicole Ruggiero and Tighe Rzankowski, Post Vision aims to reverse the trend of viral culture which dissociates artists from the mysterious pieces they put on the web. Earlier this month, GIPHY collaborated with Post Vision on a joint exhibition at Superchief Gallery.

Art was organized around themes of social technology, phraseology and meme culture. Opening the doors to Superchief, guests were welcomed into a 3D art world, complete with a twerking alien and a bodiless DJ spinning pizza records.

Artists belonging to both GIPHY’s Featured Artists and Post Vision were selected for commissions. The lineup also included visuals by VJ Abi Laurel, with jams by Abbi Press and Dirty Chocolate. 

You can see more GIFs from the evening on Superchief TV’s Official GIPHY Channel and the full collection of artwork on video via Superchief's Vimeo, here.