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What GIF best describes how you are currently feeling?

How did AnimatedText start?

I came across internetarcheology and began obsessing with the unapologetically amateur and expressive nature of geocities sites. I particularly loved this section of the site which is all moving text. I taught myself to use Xara 3d (a 3d text program created in 1981) and started making text that had my same cynical tone.

One day a follower asked if I could make him a GIF (The request was “My pussy clean, my pussy squeaky clean”) and the rest is history. It was a no brainer that the blog would be request based. It stays fresh and interactive if I take requests for free.

What’s your favorite/craziest GIF someone has requested?

“Who needs gender roles when you can have pizza rolls” Maybe not the weirdest overall but it’s weird in the best way.

What do you find most appealing about the GIF format?

GIFs are viewed as tacky and unnecessary. When you combine relevant pop cultural references or subversive messages with GIFs that combination of absurd and honest creates comedic gold. Text made animated take on it’s own personality.

Favorite artists?

I loooove Jeremy Bailey for his unique approach to being a new media artist. His cynical “personality” is refreshing and something I can relate to. I also love experimental typographers like Paula Sher and Dominica Falla. Those women know that letters cannot be tamed.

Favorite GIF?

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