Sometimes emojis don't cut it when you want to say Happy Birthday to someone. Sometimes you need to send a GIF of WWE Legend John Cena holding a red suitcase in a glitterstorm to really get the point across.

Birthdays are special. Your friends are special. You should send them something special. GIFs are like birthday presents... Except now, you get to send them to all of your favorite people any time, every day.

On that front, we’ve got some news: today is The Birth Day of GIFs in Facebook Messenger. And Giphy is like the Toys R’ US of GIFs; we’ve got them all. Now, you can search Giphy and send GIFs without ever leaving the app. It’s got us feeling super excited.

So what’s this mean for you? Well, if you’re one of Facebook Messenger’s hundreds of millions of users, it has never been easier to say what you mean with a GIF. Whether it’s a message of encouragement:

Or just expressing an emotion:

You can now say it with a GIF.

We like that.

GIFs are changing the way we communicate with one another. This integration with Facebook Messenger is the latest in our goal to get you GIFs everywhere you want them and in all of the places you’re already communicating.

CLICK HERE to download iOS Version of Giphy for Messenger

CLICK HERE to download Android Version of Giphy for Messenger

Not a Facebook Messenger user? You can always go to on your mobile device and copy + paste GIFs to send to your friends and family.