As a proud Asian American, I am so thrilled to show off our new channel for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! Our team, including Identity Editor Jasmyn Lawson, other Asian Americans in the company, and GIPHY Studios, organized some of the best content within Asian American history, whether it's regarding entertainment, politics, sports, history, and art. And our work is still not done! So often, AAs are underrepresented in media and we've seen it recently throughout Hollywood with "Ghost In The Shell" or "Iron Fist." We at GIPHY wanted to represent the group through what we know best...GIFs!

I would like to showcase two major subchannels that we're particularly proud of: The first being the I AM series, where we interviewed a range of AAs to talk about their experiences growing up in the United States as well as capturing reaction GIFs of these interviewees to help diversify and expand our original content series. The second is working with our Community and Studios team to help produce and commission artwork from AA artists featuring themes of Asian beauty, being Pacific Islander and Southeast Asian, and highlighting key figures of history. We are incredibly proud of this channel and we hope you love it. Check out the channel HERE and see some of our favorite GIFs to help launch the channel!

Artist: Grace Danico

Artist: Asli Yazan 

Artist: Annie Wong 

Artist: Emily Liu 

Artist: Christina Almeda