Mondays mean work. Work means emails. Emails mean lots of blah blah blah. Email is a bully! Email is boring!

Enter the GIF. Don’t know what to say after 4 people already replied but you still have to reply because your manager wants to know you got it? Send a GIF. Your work email threads are about to become SO. MUCH. BETTER!

And today we’re making it even easier for you. As of right now, GIPHY is available inside your Gmail composer.

No more saving GIFs to the desktop and then inserting them manually as images. No more missing the moment while combing the internet for the right one to send.

Take on the office GIF master. Send your mom some love. Goof off with friends!

Here at GIPHY, we know you’re already talking to friends, family, colleagues, and the greater void of social media with GIFs. We also know that’s not the easiest thing to do — whether it’s on email, on a messenger or through a social network. We’re changing that with partnerships with applications and partnerships with companies such as GroupMe, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and now InboxSDK.

Now you can have complete access to GIPHY’s catalogue of GIFs directly in your inbox. GIFs + Gmail = the hottest pairing since Han + Leia.

Look out for more in the coming months from GIPHY, and enjoy responding to friends, family, and colleagues with GIFs. You may even get famous for doing it.