GIPHY for iOS is the fastest, simplest way to search and share GIFs across all of your favorite social channels.

It’s 2015 — we’re officially living in the future, so shouldn’t the world have an easy way to access GIPHY on your phone? Thanks to the redesigned GIPHY for iOS, it does! You can search for classic GIFs or explore new GIFs. But, most importantly, you can share ALL. THE. GIFs!

  1. - GIPHY for iOS is faster and shinier than ever before

  2. - Share across all social channels (including Facebook Messenger and iMessage!)

  3. - Search for GIFs, get the hottest GIFs on our trending feed, or explore our curated GIF categories

Heard enough? Already have the GIPHY for Messenger app? Simply snag the GIPHY 2.0 update. Otherwise, click here to download GIPHY for iOS!