What’s the latest in gaming this week? Green femme fatales, captain Hooks, and a masterfully executed "helicopter" move.

The recent "Injustice 2" trailer shows Poison Ivy in all her murderous beauty.

Sure, that’s a dame to die for — or, to be more precise — to be chewed and spat out by a giant carnivorous plant for.

"Flinthook," a lovely 16-bit roguelike 2D action game, has been released this week!

Get ready to pillage spaceships with your trusty hook. And in case you wondered: yes, there are parrots with eyepatches in this game and yes, they throw bombs at you.

"Horizon: Zero Dawn" has the most beautiful (and physically correct) moonlight ever seen in a videogame.

That beauty comes at a price though...To spare the resources of your PS4’s GPU, the game literally deletes chunks of its world every time you turn away from it.

"Titanfall 2" fans, this one is for you. A perfect loop and a perfect barrage of punches.

Last and not least, here’s the best way to execute a helicopter move. It’s so brutal even the referee refuses to look at it.