Today, Giphy is using every "excited" GIF we have!

We're thrilled to announce that we have raised a $17 million Series B financing round, led by Lightspeed Venture Partners with participation from General Catalyst and current investors.

So, what does this mean for our users? Giphy is going to use this funding to accelerate our already rapid growth, expand our services and grow our team as we continue to build the world’s GIF platform. Long story short: we want to bring you more GIFs and we want it to be easier to use those GIFs in lots of different places. We want to blow your mind. Kind of like this:

We're going to keep working with your favorite TV shows, blockbuster films, global apps like LINE, world class publishers like Vox Media and all the biggest celebs and bands to create and distribute GIFs. We want to establish GIFs as a standard unit of communication. Even the President is turning to Giphy for his GIF needs.

GIFs aren't limited to the Giphy site anymore, either! Apps, platforms, and messengers are harnessing the entertainment value of GIFs by integrating the GIPHY API. Slack’s use of the GIPHY API, which translates users’ words into GIFs, is already the single most used command across their entire ecosystem. Through this partnership and others like it, the GIPHY API is currently serving 3 BILLION GIFs per month.

Our mission has always been to organize the world's GIFs, their creators, and fans. GIFs are the media type for our generation's culture, our entertainment and, ultimately, our information. Giphy’s vision is to build a platform to organize all of this new information as GIFs. So, will you come with us on this journey? We'll have a cheese fountain.



PS: We are incredibly excited to share that you can invest alongside us through Alphaworks. Sign up on the Alphaworks site to register your interest!"