If you know GIPHY at all, you know we’re never one to shy away from enhancing the overall GIF making experience for everyone out there on the internet. First came the GIPHY CAM mobile app, empowering our users to turn themselves into GIFs.


Then came our extensive array of Web Creation Tools, helping you create and edit GIFs from different video formats while making it easier to add all the stickers, captions, and emojis you want!


Well, now we’re taking that to the next level. We’re excited to present to you GIPHY CAPTURE-- the newest, easiest way to make GIFs for all you Mac users out there.


Simply put, GIPHY CAPTURE allows you to capture any moment on your desktop screen and turn it into a GIF. Now anything and everything can be GIFed - your FaceTime chat, funny moments in a livestream, or a clip of your new puppy!


What’s more, you can edit and customize the GIF to change direction, include a caption, adjust file size, and share with your friends in seconds!


Voila! Download GIPHY CAPTURE for Mac now and learn more about it on Fast Company!

You’re welcome, world!