We love texting — it’s quick, convenient and easy. But whether it’s your best friend or a new Tinder match, texting too often turns into a game of mixed signals that leaves you irritated. Not to mention the dreaded response of “K” which, come on, is the worst.

Yeah, we know. It’s frustrating. But it’s not personal. The problem is we’re all trying to communicate in a way that’s just not meant for the instantaneous nature of the mobile world.

What you want (no, need!) is a better way to convey your emotions with the same speed as a generic text.

Well, we are pumped to announce that GIPHY is now available on the Verizon Messages app for both Apple iOS and Android. Now, you’ll be able to actually experience meaningful exchanges with your friends all day long in GIFs!

Yeah Regina, seriously. In the same amount of time it normally takes you to write “K”, you can just tell Chuck Norris to do it for you.

Pretty sweet, right? Words are nice, but let’s be real - it’s hard to capture those abstract ideas you’re trying to express without a visual component to them. With Giphy on Verizon Messages, you can seamlessly search for the perfect GIF to express your true emotions -- and make your texting, like, way better. Already using Verizon Messages? Check out the how-to GIF below, otherwise download the app today. Stay tuned for more exciting Giphy news in the coming weeks and months!