GIPHY is very excited to announce the newest tool in our GIF Creation Suite: GIF Editor!

Take a look at this GIF:

What's it missing? Pizzazz!

How did we create such a beautiful work of art? Let's start a new GIF from scratch: STEP 1: Drag a GIF onto the GIF Editor screen (or copy and paste a GIPHY URL into the URL field!) STEP 2: Start adding stickers! You can always find good ones in our Trending Stickers feed... STEP 3: Or search for your own term! STEP 4: Add some text with the Caption Tool...and animate it if you're feeling crazy! STEP 5: You can also add a filter for that final touch of flair

And here we have it...the final product:

We know what you're thinking..."hang it up in a museum!" Well, why don't you try sharing it with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram first? Then we'll try and get the MOMA on the phone.

Ready to make yours? Go to GIPHY's Creation Tools and select GIF EDITOR to start the GIF fun!