If you didn't know by now, GIPHY is in Slack! If our friendship could be visualized in one GIF, it would be this one.

As with any friendship, we have our own secret language. They've been kept hush-hush for the most part...until now! GIPHY is always making fun stuff behind the scenes so keep an eye out for more secrets as our friendship with Slack grows. We won't give away all of them but for now, here are some of the GIPHY + Slack Easter Eggs, little tricks and tips that can up your Slack game.


Stuck in the office but curious about the weather outside? All you have to do is type: "/giphy #weather YOUR ZIP CODE OR CITY NAME"


Want your feelings validated? Have GIPHY echo your thoughts in text! Write in: "/giphy #echo WHATEVER PHRASE YOU WANT!"


Add the DEAL WITH IT! sunglasses to any face within a GIF or photo! Type in: "/giphy #dealwithit ANY MEDIA LINK WITH A FACE!"



Want to write your own captions for a GIF? Create your own destiny by typing in "/giphy #caption "YOUR QUOTE HERE" GIF SEARCH TERM OR GIPHY GIF LINK"

(In this case, we used the GIPHY GIF link! It will look something like this: /giphy #caption "CONGA LINE OUTSIDE" http://giphy.com/gifs/80s-10U8GtKf9s3ar6)


Do you want your future predicted...with a GIF? You're just in luck, we have GIPHY Magic 8-Ball! Ask any question with: "/giphy #magic8ball QUESTION?" and Magic 8-Ball will reveal the answer.



Sometimes, all you need for a laugh is a good zoom in the face. Enhance on any face within a GIF or photo by using: "/giphy #enhance ANY MEDIA LINK!"

(For example, we used a GIPHY link! This is how it would look: /giphy #enhance http://giphy.com/gifs/girl-reactiongifs-mrw-Jt64zJkdeXLGM. Don't forget, the GIF or photo MUST have a face!)


You now have the power to combine a GIF with any sticker GIFs! Type in: "/giphy #mashup STICKER SEARCH TERM, GIPHY SEARCH TERM"

(For the GIF below, we used: /giphy #mashup pee, dogs)


This command is for all you overachievers. Select the first (often best) GIF result in Slack! Type in: "/giphy #1 SEARCH TERM!"


Last but not least, if your HR team is getting in the way of your fun, make sure you change your ratings setting on Slack! To adjust this setting, visit my.slack.com/apps/manage and click on your configured Giphy app to open the app page.

To recap, here are all the commands we covered!

1. Weather -- get the weather in any zip code or city!

2. Echo -- GIPHY will "echo" your thoughts in text form.

3. Dealwithit! -- Add the Dealwithit! sunglasses to any face within a GIF or photo.

4. Caption -- Write your own captions on GIFs!

5. Magic 8-Ball -- Get answers to life's questions from GIPHY Magic 8-Ball.

6. Enhance -- Zoom in on any face within a GIF or photo.

7. Mashup -- Mashup any GIF with sticker art!

8. #1 -- Select the first (often best) GIF result in Slack!

9. Ratings -- Change your ratings so HR doesn't hunt you down.

We'll keep revealing more Slack Easter Eggs as time goes on but if you have any suggestions or thoughts, tweet at us!