Sure, we all have our favorite GIFs of 2014. (In fact, you'll be able to see Giphy's favorite GIFs of 2014 tomorrow!) But you can't argue with cold, hard facts. That's why Team Giphy ran the numbers and collected the 25 most popular GIFs of this past year.

Some GIFs need explanation, some speak for themselves. What did we learn? Well, Giphy users love Emma Watson, pizza, and One Direction. They also love bacon, ragging on Adam Levine, and...more Emma Watson. Never change, you guys. Never change.

25) Adriana Lima Eating Chocolate

24) Cindy Suen's "I Recharge With Pizza"

Illustrator and animator Cindy Suen is one of Giphy's favorite GIF artists! We were so excited when we saw one of her GIFs cracking the top 25!

23) Danny Castellano from "The Mindy Project"

22) Jack Torrance acting a little...funny

This GIF was made by EditingandLayout, the GIF-making genius who you'll see contributing to subreddits like /r/gifs and /r/HighQualityGIFs (as well as /r/EditingandLayout, of course).

21) Liz Lemon Lamenting

20) Teresa Giudice from "Real Housewives of New Jersey" says: NOPE.

19) Gretchen Weiners from "Mean Girls"

18) Homer Simpson hit by the Salmon Cannon

The Salmon Cannon, made famous by John Oliver and Last Week Tonight, took the internet by storm in November. In fact, we wrote a whole post about it!

17) Amy Poehler asks the big question

16) Big Ang explains today's youth

15) Kim Kardashian cries REAL ugly

14) Kristin Wiig is shocked!

13) 5 Seconds of Summer

12) The Daily Doodles

11) One Direction

10) Justin Timberlake is understanding

9) Bacon

8) Emma Watson

7) Jersey Shore "Ew"

6) Well, That's Enough Internet For Today

A classic GIF that deserves this high ranking! (Though we also would have accepted this cute mama cat version.)

5) More Emma Watson

4) Happy Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston, Matt Smith, and Benedict Cumberbatch are forever locked in a three-way battle for most popular actor on Giphy. Looks like Hiddleston came out on top this year!

3) Jaws

2) Workaholics "And, I'm out"

1) Family Guy's Adam Levine burn

Thanks to some cross-promotion with Fox, this Family Guy GIF ended up going viral and becoming Giphy's most popular GIF of the year! We'll see you next year, Adam Levine!