GIPHY Arts is proud to be a sponsor of the Best Original GIF Award at the animation festival GLAS 2018!

This contest is open to any artists who are creating original GIFs. It's easy to enter:

  1. Create a GIPHY account
  2. Upload your GIF masterpiece
  3. Tag it GLAS 2018 (no hashtag required)

Do these three things before March 16, 2018, and you will be eligible to win a GIPHY Arts art commission, worth $500, and a screening at the festival, which takes place in Berkeley, CA, March 22-25. 

You can tag as many GIFs as you'd like. If you have something older sitting around that you've never shown anyone, you may enter it, but make sure that all the GIFs you're entering are things you have uploaded to GIPHY in 2018. Please note that your GIF might not immediately show in the search for the tag. If you have any questions, hit us up at!