GIPHY lets you save all the GIFs you can’t live without in one convenient place! Toss that Desktop folder full of GIF files in the trash, it's time to upgrade to using GIPHY Favorites!

How to save GIFs using GIPHY Favorites

  • Step One: Sign into your GIPHY account. You can either hit LOG IN on the top right hand on the screen or just click FAVORITES on the Nav Bar. If you're not signed in, you'll be auto-prompted to do so.
  • Step Two: Once you’re logged in, go to any awesome GIPHY GIF and roll over the image. Did you notice the HEART icon show up in the the right corner? When you click that icon, the GIF will be automatically added to your list of favorite GIFs!
  • Step Three: Are you tired of a GIF? You can unblock that same HEART icon again to remove it from your list.
  • What are you waiting for? Start saving some GIFs!