GIPHY artists come from all over the world and create work in a variety of media – illustration, 2D and 3D animation, stop motion, video manipulation, paper cut out, datamoshing, and even painting. What they all have in common is that they make fun, unique, and original artwork – and then upload it GIPHY.

GIPHY artists are considered for features on the front page of GIPHY, as well as apps that use GIPHY, like Twitter, Facebook, Slack, and more –with a source link the artist controls upon upload. GIPHY can be great for people trying to get more eyeballs on their art.

Artists retain all rights to their work on GIPHY. We also commission GIPHY artists to create work both for us and our friends, like the GIFs included here, which we commissioned especially for the app Tinder.

If you want to become a GIPHY artist, the process is simple. Create a user account, and upload your original artwork – stuff you actually made yourself. We're looking for it to be unique and interesting, but we don't have any file size or aesthetic requirements. 

Tag your artwork with "gif artist" and to add it to the catalog, and we'll consider your account for inclusion in our artist channel. That's it! We'll be in touch if we'd like to feature you.

You can also create your account by going to, and use our application to submit! Happy GIFFING!