So, you've downloaded GIPHY Keys. Time to put your phone down and read a long book? NO! It's time to learn how to send GIFs using your new favorite keyboard app.

STEP 1: Send a GIF Using the GIPHY Keys Trending Feed

When you open up GIPHY Keys, the first thing you see will be our Trending GIFs. This is a realtime feed featuring the best and most relevant GIFs for that very moment in time. Take a look before you search — the exact GIF you want might be trending on GIPHY!

STEP 2: Send a GIF Using the GIPHY Keys Search

Want to search for a specific GIF? Just start typing! Then tap the GIF you want and paste it into your text. Wow, this is even easier than we imagined.

STEP 3: Select a GIF Using the GIPHY Keys Reaction and Categorizes Tabs

Want to explore our curated list of reactions and tags? Go for it! We'll have what you're looking for!

STEP 4: Use GIPHY Key's Favorites Feature to Save Your Favorite GIFs!

Do you consider yourself an expert GIF collector? Now your hand-selected GIFs can live in an easy to access tab — no more fumbling to find that one pizza GIF that you use ALL THE TIME.

STEP 5: Play around with more of GIPHY Keys' Cool Features!

We're not even going to list them all out — have some fun experimenting with all the bells and whistles!