Tagging is part of the engine of GIPHY: when you search for a GIF, you are actually searching for that GIF's tags. Don't worry, we'll show you how! Here are some ideas for how to tag your GIFs so that they are easier for your friends and family to find!



When you first upload your GIFs to GIPHY, you can tag right away! After you click UPLOAD, you can fill in the tags directly below the image. On GIPHY, we don't tag using hashtags (#), nor do we tag with words all smushed together, as in "#tillmantheskateboardingbulldog." In fact, punctuation of any type is unnecessary – a comma will separate your tags from each other. Phrases are a-ok!

If you forget to add tags during your UPLOAD, you can also add them to your GIFs from the GIF detail page. Just click "edit" or the rainbow pencil, scroll down, and add tags one by one, clicking the plus sign or hitting your "enter" key after each one.


Tags should describe the things pictured in the GIF – in the below example, three suggested tags would be "Tillman the Bulldog" (this particular dog's name), plus dog, bulldog, and skateboard – and the action, which would be skateboarding.

But tags on GIPHY should also talk about how you react to the image, how you believe the subject is reacting IN the image, and any other details you think are pertinent.

Some suggestions for this skateboarding bulldog named Tillman from the GIPHY tag professionals include:

• speed  • speeding • need for speed • steal your girl • chill • rushing • ready to roll • dog tricks • RIP Tillman  • thrasher • thrasher magazine • new tricks • dog tricks • skate or die • tillman the skateboarding bulldog • wait for me • don't leave me • I do what I want • meet you there • omw • on my way •

This is just a short list of tags – many more are possible! You should try to think of the ten best tags for each of the GIFs you upload.


While you are welcome to create tags that no one else has ever thought of, you should not create tags that target another person in a mean fashion, or use any language that violates our community guidelines in any tag. In addition, you may not use GIFs as a way to spam inappropriate search results. Make sure that your tags are relevant to the GIF in question.

That's it! Have fun tagging and feel free to ask us any questions at support@giphy.com.