Giphy GIFs play on Facebook and Twitter. Cool right?

Even cooler: With the Giphy Link Shortener, you can play a GIF and have it click-through to any URL. All possible with sharing just ONE link!

Click on the [SHORTEN] button underneath located under any Giphy GIF

Paste the link you’d like the GIF to click-through to and click [SHORTEN]

Copy the link and paste it in Facebook or Twitter.

The GIF will play in Facebook / Twitter and will click-through to your link. This also works when our link is masked by a branded URL shortener.

Here are a couple examples of the Giphy Link Shortener in action:

5 Seconds of Summer uses GIFs on Twitter to drive album sales to their iTunes page. Using the Giphy Link Shortner, they saw a 12.56% CTR!

The New York Times uses GIFs to tease the full-article followers are about to read.

The Giphy Link Shortener also pulls in the metadata (title and description) of the URL, if available. **Note: Twitter doesn't show metadata within their embeds.