Using GIFs to communicate is the best. You can react with a GIF. You can ask a question with a GIF. You can even give meaningful life advice with a GIF.

All of this is great, but until today, those GIFs were never of your life (unless you are actually Beyonce, reading this right now...if so — OMG). We wanted to fix that. Meet GIPHY CAM — our new GIF camera app for iOS phones.

GIPHY CAM is an easy and fun way to record your life as a series of GIFs. Feeling creative? You can add some filters or special FX! Then share the best moments of your day via text or social media.

Here's how it works:


- Press and hold the button to RECORD GIFs on loop

- Tap the button to shoot a 5-frame BURST MODE GIF


- Enhance your GIF with photo filters from 3D to a classic black & white

- Get creative with one of our 40 overlays and effects


- Text your friends your favorite GIF selfies

- Blast that GIF on social media — GIFs share natively to Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook Messenger

- Or just save it for later on your Camera Roll!

When you create a GIF on GIPHY CAM, it’s yours. Do with it what you will. Want to broadcast it to your followers on Facebook or Twitter? Rad. Want to just send it to your closest confidant? You’re one iMessage away.

So what are you waiting for? Start GIFing!