You've seen the art, but if you missed Loop Dreams, GIPHY's first ever IRL art show, you have no idea what it was really like to be there. Thankfully, we got photographer and videographer Chris Cubellis to make some GIFs of the occasion, so you can truly understand what you missed out on.

From the street, our neon shined on the crowd waiting to get in.

Our arcade cabinet (normally featured in our NYC office) was set up for everyone to enjoy.

Lenticular works were hung on the walls, causing art viewers to dance back and forth. Featured, from left to right: Julian Glander, Stuart Wade, and James Kerr.

Two other GIPHY beta projects, Frame (our GIF photo booth) and Hoops (our basketball game), were set up for people to play with.

Seating was a giant GIPHY logo.

Zach Scott's installation piece, "Staircase," entranced people by the actual staircase.

People danced against the huge projected art – this piece is by Winston Duke.

Phyllis Ma's shirt installation was a crowd favorite.

Screens featured other pieces by Leon Denise and Jacob Ciocci.

Another installation piece by Parker Jackson of GIPHY Studios allowed people to contemplate.

Sam Rolfes' VR/GIF meld installation was also popular: people experienced it for hours.

Other pieces, by Yung Jake, Mattis Dovier, and Jess Mac, were shown on Electric Objects – a screen specifically made for art display.

On Sunday, people gathered to learn at a panel hosted by our partner, Rhizome. From left to right are Michael Connor (Rhizome), Laura Brothers (artist), Alex Chung (GIPHY), and Jason Eppink (Curator).

And there was a long wait for the virtual reality experience, presented by Mona.

All in all, Loop Dreams blew minds!

You can see all the GIFs from Loop Dreams here.