2015 was the year of the GIF. Why, you ask? To name a ton, we had Magic Mike XXL, Super Saiyan, Office Monkey, our very own GIPHY CAM, Hotline Bling, Justin Bieber, Shia LaBeouf ("Just Do It!" and #ALLMYMOVIES), Confused Travolta, VMAs, Donald Trump, and the upcoming STAR WARS movie! Did anyone else get tired just from reading that?

What did we learn from all these trends? We learned that the internet is never predictable. People will use their creativity to create some of the most awe-inspiring GIFs and all you can do is sit back and laugh, belly out in your undies. We won't say much more but we can definitely show you. Here are our favorites!

11. Magic Mike XXL:

This meant the resurgence of SHIRTLESS MEN. What's wrong with that?

10. Super Saiyan:

Here's a brief GIFstory of people going Super Saiyan!

9. Star Wars:

With the new film coming out Dec 18, interest in "STAR WARS" skyrocketed (pun intended). Check out all the GIFs from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" trailer!

8. Justin Bieber:

Year of Bieber Fever! With the Royal Family gracing his music videos, Justin showed he didn't have to be front and center in order to get some attention. See more GIFs from the "Sorry" music video!

7. Confused Travolta:

This meme made a huge comeback as of recently...and we LOVE it. See our top 10 picks from #ConfusedTravolta.

6. Office Monkey:

If you work in a cubicle, office monkey will resonate with you. See all the GIFs that had the internet by a tiny monkey hand.

5. VMAs:

Nicki Minaj MADE this year's VMAs. With just three words, she set Twitter afire and made VMAs history.

4. Donald Trump:

No words.

3. Shia LaBeouf:

Shia LaBeouf may be crazy, but he sure knows how to captivate people. With #ALLMYMOVIES and his motivational speech "JUST DO IT", he kept everyone watching for a full year.


Making GIFs used to be hard. With GIPHY CAM, we want to pass the GIF making baton to the people. Don't let your dreams be dreams, kids! See all the ways you can use GIPHY CAM!

1. Hotline Bling:

Could #1 be anyone else? Oh, Drake. Bae. "Hotline Bling" was a gift from the gods above. We gathered the top parody GIFs from the music video for you to enjoy.

Thanks for joining us for the 2015 GIF Trends -- We'll see you next year, Champagne Papi!