Shockingly good news! It's only 14 days until the season 5 premiere of PLL!

We're already prepared to run straight home after work to watch the premiere...

...but until then, we have our Liar of the Week Post.

Week 2 Liar: Spencer Hastings

Spencer's had a pretty roller coaster year (really the last 5 years have been a bit hilly for Spence).

She's up.

She's down.

She's with Toby

She's not with Toby. And Wren's lurking nearby. And there's a loony bin involved...And a nasty drug habit. And a trippy drug-induced 1920s-themed dream?

Yeah, Spencer's had it rough. But maybe things are looking up for her this seasons?

Or maybe not. Either way, we're excited to see what she'll get up to this season.

Click here for more GIFs of the Spencer and the rest of the Liars!