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Homer bushes
Slide down
Beat It!
I'm Outta This Stupid Band!
Video gif. A man runs at top speed through a parking garage and out into the daylight.Go Go Go Fml GIFbail abandon thread GIFabandon thread GIFpirates abandon thread GIFRiverdale Abandon Thread GIF by Madelaine Petschabandon thread GIF by DistractifyTaylor Swift Abandon Thread GIF by 2020 MTV Video Music Awardsk-pop abandon thread GIFgong show no GIF by ABC NetworkClassic Reaction GIFgong show no GIF by ABC NetworkSee Ya Do Not Want GIF by reactionseditorSee You Goodbye GIF by Lil YachtyImma Head Out Abandon Thread GIFk-pop abandon thread GIFSeinfeld gif. Actor Jason Alexander as George Costanza in Seinfeld awkwardly glances around the room before slowly backing out of the apartment and closing the door behind him. Helicopter Abandon Thread GIF by Black Rifle Coffee CompanyThe Office gif. Steve Carell as Michael Scott slowly turns with eyebrows raised and walks into his office.Embarrassed Exit Strategy GIFFriends Reaction GIFLady Gaga Reaction GIF by NFLVideo gif. Meeting of the board is currently in session and men and women sit around a table wearing suits. A man stands up and slowly walks to the window, never breaking his pacing and simply walks off of it. Text, "I'm Done."Meme gif. A variation on the "Homer Simpson Backs into Bushes" meme. Homer slowly moves backwards and disappears into a shrub...except Homer's head has been replaced by that of a live-action by Tom DeLonge with a moustache and mullet who seems to be saying "wtf".The Simpsons gif. Ralph sitting on his knees on a hill, starts to roll down the hill, as Lisa looks on.
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