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Oh Shit
Whoa Amazing
Angry Conan Obrien GIF by Team Cocomartin lawrence GIFTV gif. Anthony Anderson as Andre in Blackish stares down at us, eyebrows furrowed as he slowly mouths the word, "Damn."Schitts Creek Pain GIF by CBCVideo gif. A woman balls her fists up, stiffly holding her arms up in anguish and then folds into herself, saying “no, no no.” She covers her face in frustration or shame, and starts to sob.Reality TV gif. With hair styled over her left eye, Jackie Christie from BBWLA gives us an impressed reaction. Text, "A long, drawn-out 'damn!'"Movie gif. Will Smith as a casually dressed Agent J in Men in Black leans back with a grimace, then thrusts his head forward as he says, "Oh, damn!"time GIFMovie gif. A scene from Friday. In front of an orange house, Ice Cube as Craig Jones and Chris Tucker as Smokey lean out of their seats in surprise, then look at each other.Digital art gif. An animated Stoned Fox moves its eyes slowly from left to right before opening its anthropomorphic mouth and saying, "Daaamn," which appears as text.Ad gif. Baby pig from the Geico commercial is leaning out of a car window holding a streamer and yelping with joy.seinfeld GIF by HULUCelebrity gif. Keegan-Michael Key sitting next to Wesley Snipes being interviewed by IMDB. Wesley says "damn, damn, damn" and smiles.Getting Ready Flowers In The Dirt GIF by Paul McCartneyTV gif. In a scene from Red Table Talk, Willow Smith closes her eyes and sighs. Something heavy just happened offscreen.Golden Girls Wow GIF by TV LandTV gif. The camera quickly pans to the Ladybug from Big Mouth and they look shocked as they say, "Damn!"Music video gif. Scene from M-City J.R.'s music video where men are all leaning back exaggeratedly in awe of someone or something passing by.Movie gif. Ben Mendelsohn as Gerry in Mississippi Grind shakes his fisted hand over his head, grimacing in frustration.New York Giants Smh GIF by NFLTV gif. Hassan Johnson as Wee-Bey on The Wire has his mouth open in shock. He rubs his chin and then crosses his arms. He then turns to look over his shoulder. Video gif. A man with a moustache looks angry offscreen and shouts: Text, "Damn!"Shocked La Liga GIF by Real Madridseason 2 omg GIF by AwesomenessTVgoing down seriously GIF by Bellator
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