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Movie gif. Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones in The Sex and The City the Movie holds a pair of gold heels in her hand. With that same hand, she lifts her sunglasses up as she looks up in amazement. Illustrated gif. A gnomio stands sideways with its butt emphasized. It looks at us while holding its hands in front of its mouth as if surprised. Three lines with stars appear to shoot out of its butt like it's farting. Text, "Wow."I Want This Reaction GIF by Travisfeline amazement GIFGirl Child GIF by DevX ArtSurprise What GIFVideo gif. Lion animatronic from ShowBiz Pizza slightly tilts its head with its blue eyes widening and tongue sticking out. Text reads in a pixelated, arcade-like font, "Amazement."Cartoon gif. Starley on Space Chickens in Space holds her hands close to her face as her eyes sparkle with excitement. She bounces up and down with a big smile on her face.Movie gif. Samuel L Jackson as John Shaft in the movie Shaft looks taken aback, stunned into silence.Feliz Wow GIF by Record TVBlack Girl Shock GIFShocked Mood GIF by NickShocked What The GIFClose Up Wow GIF by Adult Swimbaby lol GIF by America's Funniest Home VideosWind Up Wow GIF by PetelskiNo Way Wow GIF by Rosanna PansinoExcited Season 3 GIF by Paramount+Surprise Amaze GIF by The Great British Sewing Beetv show wow GIF by Nick Jrhell yeah wtf GIF by Cartoon Hangoverfootball what GIF by Aardman AnimationsAngry What Is This GIF by Salih KizilkayaSeason 2 Wow GIF by PBSFran Healy Reaction GIF by Travis
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