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That's Amazing!
You're Kinda Amazing
Joe Rogan Reacts to UFC History
You're Doing Amazing, Sweetie
Schitt's Creek gif. Catherine O'Hara as Moira leans over a laptop and looks at someone across from her. She gasps and is genuinely shocked at what she has heard. She says, “Oh! Wow!” Reality TV gif. Michelle Visage on Queen of the Universe holds her hands up in the okay sign, and says, “*muah* Fantastic” and smiles proudly.Reality TV gif. Nicole from Bachelor in Paradise in an interview holds her arms up while flicking her fingers out like popcorn popping as she says, "Amazing."Parks and Recreation gif. Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer lights up in excited surprise as he reacts to shocking news with his mouth agape.TV gif. Jerry Trainor as Spencer puts his drink down, crosses his legs and leans forward to look at someone off screen, saying emphatically, "Amazing."TV gif. Kristen Bell as Eleanor Shellstrop on the Good Place looks around with an excited expression on her face as she says, “Holy forking shirt balls.”Happy Season 17 GIF by America's Got TalentWildlife gif. A snow white owl turns around to face us, its beak open and its eyes wide in an almost human expression of shock.Jamie Lee Curtis GIF by SAG AwardsVideo gif. A white and gray cat’s mouth is open wide in shock, like it’s gasping. It looks at us wide-eyed and then to the side as if to get a better look. Reality TV gif. In The Great British Baking Show, a contestant in an apron says, “quite amazing really.”Reality TV gif. Vanessa Williams on Queen of the Universe. She folds her hands and shakes her head slowly while saying, "Really impressed."Video gif. A woman with wide eyes splays both hands open and slowly turns her head for emphasis as she says, "Wow."Cartoon gif. Between the words "You are otterly amazing!", we see an otter floating on its back in water. A crown falls onto the otter's head, and the word "congratulations!" slides out from behind it.Cartoon gif. A round white bunny resembling Molang puts its paws to its cheeks in wide-eyed wonder, complete with sparkles.Celebrity gif. Staring directly at us, DeStorm Power places a hand on his chest and leans back with a look of concern on his face, eyes wide.Digital art gif. We see a red circle below text which says "Flipping amazing". A ballerina in a teal outfit flips into frame from below and does a T-pose, then drops back out, leaving graphical artifacts behind.TV gif. Vince McMahon, dressed in a suit jacket, steps backward in WWE ring with a look of shock on his face, eyes and mouth wide open.Video gif. A man holds his glasses out away from his eyes, magnifying them as if in amazement. TV gif. Bill Nye is sitting at his desk and is imitating having his mind blown, exploding his hands from his mind. The universe and cosmos are overlaid in front of him, and orbs of light fly out in every direction.Cartoon gif. Coraline from the movie Coraline sitting in a theater, sitting up and looking scared and startled. Text, "oh my god."Kawaii gif. A cluster of bunnies and one little chick watch a movie behind us as a projector glows in the background. They startle suddenly and a bunny in front drops a cup of popcorn.TV gif. Josh Holloway as Sawyer in Lost slowly slides off his glasses, eyes fixed and unmoving. Cartoon gif. Kirby, Pikachu, and Yoshi all have wide, frantic eyes and are drooling as they stare at something. Sparkles glow around them, emphasizing their huge, starry eyes.Celebrity gif. Nick Kroll as Liz in "PubLIZity," wearing a large blonde wig and makeup, darts his eyes to the side and says, "Ameezing," which appears as text.
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