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I'll say amen to that
Digital art gif. A sky full of puffy clouds drifts towards us behind text that reads, "Amen!" Yellow cartoon hands pan in from each side and erase the text as they come together, palm to palm.Happy Married At First Sight GIF by LifetimeMovie gif. Tina Fey as Kate in Sisters holds a hand up to her face as she’s yelling. Text, “Can I get an AAAAAmen?”TV gif. Actor John Goodman as Dr. Eli in The Righteous Gemstones wears tinted Aviator glasses and a nice suit, with an over ear microphone next to his mouth. He raises his arms up to the heavens, looks up, and shouts, “Amen!”Video gif. Among an applauding audience, a woman with her eyes closed puts her hands up in praise and claps.TV gif. A woman from ANTM with long brown hair slaps the table with a smile. Text, "Amen!"Reaction gif. A Disabled white woman with kinky curly gray hair and big wine-colored cat-eye glasses hands pressed together in prayer, makes a show of saying, "Amen!"Celebrity gif. Rapper Big Boi on Made from Scratch smiles and raises his hands in the air in praise. Text, “lawd.”TV gif. Zach Braff as J.D. from Scrubs is sitting in a pew with a blue suit on. He throws his head back and closes his eyes in exultation, saying, "Amen."TV gif. Chanté Adams as Maxine "Max" Chapman in A League of Their Own says "Amen" with a closed-eyed smile.Video gif. A person looks at us with a soft, serene smile, They close their eyes and form their hands into a praying position. They open their eyes once more and say, “Amen.” Reality TV gif. RuPaul, wearing a dark pinstripe suit over a red shirt, cocks his head and looks around. From under his mustache, he says, "Can I get an amen in here?" which also appears as text.TV gif. A scene in a black church where everyone is dancing and vibing. A woman is in the center aisle and is sweeping the floor with her handkerchief, as they all shout with praises and blessings. Jeremy Strong Yes GIF by SuccessionHBOTV gif. Wrestler Elias has his eyes closed in a moment of what seems like quiet peace and shakes his head as he says, “Amen, Amen.” Text gif. Calligraphy style text surrounded with hearts bounces around screen.Text, "amen."TV gif. Wearing a beige hat and lit by candlelight, Susan Parsons as Bella Heathcote from Strange Angel lowers her head, closes her eyes, and blesses herself with the sign of the cross.Cartoon gif. Blue creature made of clay with googly eyes, red lips, and spiky pink "hair". Text slides into frame: "Amen, sister!"Video gif. Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton, hosts of podcast called "Another Round" are hyped up and waving their arms in the air and saying, "Amen!"TV gif. Amanda Brugel as Rita in The Handmaid’s Tale looks up with tears in her eyes and says, “Amen.”Reality TV gif. A female contestant on Love Island smiles as she looks at someone beside her. Text, "Amen sis."TV gif. Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror pulls his hands back in a dramatic, sarcastic prayer. Text, "Amen."TV gif. Michael Angarano as Nick on This Is Us looks scared as he makes the sign of the cross over his forehead and chest, then walks away. Movie gif. Lauryn Hill as Rita Louise Watson in Sister Act 2. She closes her eyes and tilts her head down, letting out a small whistle. She raises her hand and waves it all around in praise.Reality TV gif. Christina Aguilera on The Voice with her head down, smiling, and waving her hand in praise. Text, "preach!"
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