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Andy Griffith GIFTV gif. In a scene from the Andy Griffith Show in black and white, Barney Fife as Don Knotts and Andy Griffith as Andy Taylor are dressed in officer uniforms and hover over a desk. Don, who is seated, puts his hands to his head and ruffles his hair violently with a baffled look on his face while Andy looks on, laughing.season 8 episode 13 GIFandy griffith ohai GIF by ChallengerAndy Griffith Show GIF by Hyper RPGAndy Griffith Vintage GIF elia kazan pill popping GIF by FilmStruckotis GIFSeason 19 Episode 20 GIF by The Simpsonsjoey bosa tech GIF a face in the crowd pill GIF  Season 8 Episode 13 GIF by The Simpsons don knotts GIF   barney GIF
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