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Back 2 School
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Ad gif. A sign made out of foil balloons hangs on the wall and a woman on a desk chair rolls into frame, smiling and giving a thumbs up before rolling off screen. Text, "Welcome Back"Back To School Dancing GIF by NickelodeonVideo gif. Cute guinea pig wearing a dark sweater and dark framed glasses askew on its face sits at a desk looking down at chewed pencils then back at us. Season 6 School GIF by The SimpsonsVideo gif. A girl slides backwards in a desk chair and plops a folder on her desk. She props one foot up on the chair, folds her arms, and looks at the camera as she poses. There’s a banner above the desk that says, “Welcome back.”Back To School Summer GIF by LookHUMANSeason 2 School GIF by Big Little LiesBack To School GIF by Kohl'sBack To School GIF by Kohl'sBack To School Fun GIF by Tracy MyersBack To School GIF by Paramount+Season 9 Episode 3 GIF by The SimpsonsBored Back To School GIFBack To School GIF by SethwardCartoon gif. A blinking owl with a mortarboard sits on a branch, holding a pointer to a chalkboard at the end of the branch. The chalkboard reads "you've got this!!"Back To School GIF by Back to the Future TrilogyBack To School Ugh GIF by SethwardBack To School GIF by jdsportsBack To School GIF by Kohl'sDigital art gif. A digital painting of a landscape with sky, grass, sun, and a purple butterfly, with white text that says "welcome back!"TV gif. An excited Sasha Pieterse as Alison on Pretty Little Liars looks around and says, “Welcome back to school.”Season 1 School GIF by PeacockTVBack To School Test GIF by Muffin & NutsBack To School GIF by Kohl'sVideo gif. A 90s schoolboy nods off at his desk until his head drops, waking him up, until he nods off again.
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