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Punch Beat Up GIF by BlocBoy JBBeat Up Black Eye GIF by South Parkbruised jackie chan GIFInjury Beat Up GIF by euphoriaAngry Yo Yo GIF by BounceOld West Fighting GIF by GritTVwrestling beat up GIFbeat up will ferrell GIFBeat Up Black Eye GIF by The Roku ChannelBleeding Get Up GIF by South ParkCelebrity gif. As he walks out the door, Flex Alexander points then pretends to punch his eye, then gestures towards us as if to say, “Watch out, I'll fight you.”Video gif. Young boy and wrestler Sting are in a normal suburban home. They bang their heads on the wooden railing of a staircase, the boy stumbles backwards. Sting picks up the boy and makes him bulldoze the different stuff on top of a fireplace mantle. Sting then throw the boy into a china cabinet while the parents watch.Movie gif. Jim Kelly as Jones in Hot Potato punches a guy straight in the face, and then punches him again while grabbing the back of his neck. He makes sound effects with his mouth as he punches. Monday Beat Up GIF by SEGAFight Beat Up GIF by Ren DMCBeat Up Sucker Punch GIF by Comedy.comAngry Fist Fight GIF by United Wrestling NetworkBeat Up Chris Dickinson GIF by United Wrestling NetworkMad Monday GIF by United Wrestling NetworkMartial Arts Fighting GIFSDGullsAHL fight nhl punk luke GIFBeat Up Mike Bennett GIF by United Wrestling Networkfight me lets go GIF by Bouncebeat up pro wrestling GIF by You Should Love Wrestling ProBeat Up Jimmy Fallon GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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