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♪ It's My Birthday My Bububa Birthday ♪
Happy Birthday
Erin Throws Cake at Andy
That Is One Fudged Up Little Cracker!
Video gif. A small chihuahua dog wearing a birthday hat and a multicolored bow tie looks at us, his teeth sticking out over his bottom lip and one ear flopped down and to the side. Text, "Happy birthday"Happy Birthday GIFDoggie GIF by mtvHappy Birthday Dog GIF by Thoka MaerDoggie GIF by T-PainDog Birthday GIFDoggie GIF by T-PainDoggie GIF by T-PainVideo gif. Black and white dog in a pointed, pink birthday hat licks its lips over a white birthday cake with sprinkles. Colorful balloons and falling confetti fill the scene with glitter lettering, "Happy Birthday"Video gif. Corgi prances in place excitedly on the grass, with tongue sticking out and smiling. Text, "Happy birthday."Dog Human Party GIFDoggie GIFHappy Birthday Dog GIF by Topshelf RecordsPart Doggie GIFCelebrate Happy Birthday GIF by Red and HowlingParty Birthday GIFHappy Birthday GIF by FrankieDoggie GIF by T-PainVideo gif. Black and white pit bull sniffs and licks a cake or cookie on a paper plate until it falls off the table. Then it turns and licks at other decorations on the table, knocking away a cup and party hat. Text, "Happy birthday, party animal."Happy Birthday Dog GIF by Puglie PugHappy Birthday GIFHappy Birthday Reaction GIFDoggie GIF by chuber channelHappy Birthday Dog GIFBirthday Fly GIF
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