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Happy Birthday To You!
Drew Jiggling a Cake
Dance party!
It Is Your Birthday.
The Office gif. Steve Carell as Michael Scott wears a birthday hat and Ellie Kemper as Erin Hannon holds streamers in her hand. Both are dancing in a festive manner, celebrating someone's birthday in an awkward way. Text, "Happy birthday."Aging Happy Birthday GIF by All BetterText gif. A white swirled, neon background flashes with the colorful Text, There are white eyeballs in the "A's" and flames over certain letters. Text, "Yay It's Your Birthday!"Late Night  gif. Seth Meyers sits at his desk with a birthday cake with many lit candles. He pulls a fire extinguisher out from under his desk and blasts the cake so the candles’ flames are put out. With a straight face, he looks at us and puts the fire extinguisher back under his desk.Video gif. A messy, naked baby smushes its face into a chocolate cake, one eye staring at us as it lazily consumes the cake without hands. Chocolate is smeared across its face and body. Text, "Enjoy your birthday to the fullest"Illustrated gif. Renaissance-painting figure, blindfolded and wearing a party hat, aggressively braces to swing at a piñata hanging from a tree in a fenced-in yard. Another renaissance-era figure lays on the ground with a twitching leg next to a party hat.Happy Birthday GIF by MOODMANDigital art gif. A creepy black and white pig superimposed on a teal background wears a party hat and gives a weird grin as it says, “Happy Birthday!”. It then farts out flames and is propelled away from it’s flatulence.Celebrity gif. Howdy Price, dressed in a plaid flannel, denim jacket, and black cowboy hat, smiles and holds his hands out toward us, saying, "Happy anniversary of you being born," which appears as text.The Strokes Birthday GIF by VevoIllustrated gif. A smiley face on the pot of a fern winks at us. Text, "Happy birthday. Have fern."Video gif. Purple alien wearing a pink tracksuit throws confetti at us and blows a party horn, in front of a trippy galactic animation. Text, "Hope your birthday is out of this world!"Video gif. Woman leans over a table and takes a big, reckless bite into a full birthday cake, lifting her head to smack her lips, white frosting and sprinkles everywhere. Happy Birthday Celebration GIF by Hello AllHappy Birthday GIFAngry Season 2 GIF by The OfficeHappy Birthday Spinning GIF by PESThe Tonight show gif. Elton John has a serious, almost unamazed expression on his face as he says, “I'm not interested in my birthday.”Happy Birthday Halloween GIF by This GIF Is HauntedHappy Birthday Party GIF by Internet Cat Video FestivalFail Happy Birthday GIF by America's Funniest Home VideosHappy Birthday GIF by CreepzVideo gif. Woman wearing a Metallica shirt and white sunglasses does a bouncy dance in front of a disco ball and purple gradient background. Text, "Happy birthday!'Movie gif. Black and white footage of Charlie Chaplin sitting on the grass against a tree tossing out his hands and bringing them back in with a shy or bashful expression. The video has been edited to make it look like he's throwing colorful confetti in the air. Text, "Happy Birthday."Happy Birthday Dancing GIF
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