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Bom Dia
Movie gif. Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat sits in front of a map and raises his two thumbs, waggling his eyebrows and giving an approving nod and toothy grin.Digital art gif. A giant green hand with legs smiles happily and bounces, giving a big thumbs up.Good News Yes GIF by BounceCelebrity gif. Robert De Niro tilts his head and smiles, pointing and shaking his finger at us as if to say, “I see what you did there.”Good Day GIFAdam Driver Soup GIF by VON GRAMBUSCHDigital art gif. A giant yellow fist punches through a pink brick wall. The hand then turns into a thumbs-up with a small smiley face on the thumb. Good job!Celebrity gif. Simon Cowell stands up after a performance and enthusiastically applauds and flashes two thumbs up.The Simpsons gif. Monty Burns evilly taps his fingers together, his eyes narrowed in malicious pleasure. "Excellent!" he says.Happy Celebration GIF by Manchester UnitedMorning Goog GIFGuardian Angel Bear GIF by TheFactory.videoVideo gif. Man sitting in office chair points and calmly says "Bingo."Happy Marvin Sapp GIF by TV OneCartoon gif. A digitally drawn welsh corgi dog looks at us. It is smiling, wearing a blue bow tie, wagging a little tail, and holding up a thumbs up. Text, "Nice."Text gif. Concentric red and pink rings throb within bubbly letters that spell out "I love you" against a purple background.Video gif. Three men dressed in matching black mariachi outfits with bright red cummerbunds and frilly neckties all take a shot. At first, they show no reaction, but then suddenly spaz out for a moment before reeling themselves back in.Reaction GIFTV gif. Timmy from Shaun the Sheep blinks and extends 2 thumbs up as a lopsided grin emerges on the side of his face.allo allo morning GIFCelebrity gif. Donald Glover doing stand-up pauses with a blank look, then speaks sharply with widened eyes. Text, "Good."Adam Sandler Energy GIFWinnie The Pooh Night GIFText gif. Against a sunflower yellow background, the words "good morning" flash in gold, pink and blue, with two cartoon suns on top and bottom of the words.Text gif. The phrase, "Good Job," floats around, swaying back and forth and leaving rainbow streaks as it moves.
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