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Oops!...I Did It Again
GLAAD Awards - Britney Spears
GLAAD Awards - Britney Spears
Miley Cyrus Shouts 'Free Britney' During Concert in Las Vegas
Britney Spears Lingerie GIF by Yandy.comAwkward Britney Spears GIFMusic video gif. From the video for Stronger, Britney Spears looks at us and shakes her head and says "whatever," which appears as text.Celebrity gif. Britney Spears furrows her brow and shifts her eyes in confusion as if to say, “huh?”Music Video Flirting GIFCelebrity gif. Britney Spears smiles at us and gives a thumbs up.britney spears smiling GIFtoxic music video GIFbritney spears GIF by Billboard Music AwardsCelebrity gif. Britney Spears cringes, batting her eyes quickly and gritting her teeth as if experiencing second hand embarrassment. Looking Back Britney Spears GIFbritney spears GIFbritney spears falling GIFMusic Video GIFbritney spears girl GIFBritney Spears Lol GIFCelebrity gif. A dancing Britney Spears smiles happily.bored britney spears GIFbritney spears GIFCelebrity gif. Britney Spears opens her mouth wide in surprise then looks around as if to say, "Can you believe this?"Music Video Britney GIFBritney Spears No GIFBritney Spears Tongue GIFAre You Sure Britney Spears GIF by MOODMANbritney spears GIF
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