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Dust Devil Swirls Across Las Vegas Amid Heatwave
Python Sips From Drainpipe
Animals at Houston Zoo Cool Off During Hot Temps
Video gif. Woman holds a big yellow fan to her face and fanning herself while saying, "Que Calor!"Cartoon gif. An exhausted, sweating yellow sun fans itself with one hand. It holds in its other hand a light blue cloud with eyes, which it uses to wipe the sweat from itself.Celebrity gif. James McAvoy leans back in an office chair, face glistening with sweat. He breathes in and out heavily, fanning himself with papers. Lebron James Basketball GIF by NBAsimpson calor GIFTV gif. Evelyn Castro in Porta Dos Fundos. She looks over her shoulder cutely and waves a hand at her face, insinuating that something or someone is just too hot! TV gif. Trevor Noah as host of The Daily Show closes his eyes and takes a deep breath as he shakes his head and fans himself with 1 hand.arnobrasil verao calor xtreme ventilador GIFSweltering Heat Wave GIFThe Simpsons gif. The Whole Simpson’s family sits in their house on their couch very still. Flames roar around them and engulf their house.Digital art gif. A thermometer grows hotter and hotter until it bursts out of the top, indicating a scorching heat wave.Climate Change Earth GIF by PBS Digital StudiosComedy Central Summer GIF by The Jim Jefferies ShowFormula 1 Sport GIF by Ayrton SennaBeauty Sol GIF by Salon LineText gif. Against a background of flames falls the circulating text, “Fuego.”The Simpsons gif. The Simpson family are all dressed in summer clothes and sit on a couch together as they stare desperately at their oscillating fan. They're moving in sync with the fan, not wanting to lose any bit of cool air, as they try to beat the heat.Climate Change Earth GIF by PBS Digital StudiosCartoon gif. A duckling clings to the outer cage of a rotating fan.Friday Night Smackdown Reaction GIF by WWEThe Year Without A Santa Claus Sun GIF by filmeditorSpongeBob gif. A cute, smiling sun has entered through SpongeBob's window. SpongeBob smiles back from his bed, oblivious to the sun's heat setting the entire bed on fire.Assist Best Friends GIF by Miami HEATSummer Melting GIF by ZeTrystanVideo gif. Dion Waiters of the Miami Heat rolls his eyes and slumps back in his looking annoyed during an interview.
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