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The Carlton Dance
Fresh Prince - Pilot
Fresh Prince - Those Were The Days
Fresh Prince - Those Were The Days
TV show gif. Carlton dances excitedly with moves that are so not cool anymore or ever, wearing a preppy sweater and khaki pants.TV gif. Alfonso Ribeiro as Carlton in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air does "the Carlton" dance, snapping his fingers and swinging his arms left and right, on a stage in front of a red curtain.carlton dance GIFDance Animation GIF by _edgartpaneast los high carlton dance GIF by HULUcarlton dance GIFcarlton dance dancing GIFFresh Prince Carlton GIF by The Fresh Prince of Bel-AirCarlton Reaction GIFHappy GIF by NBAcarlton dance GIFfresh prince carlton GIFDancing With The Stars Carlton GIFThe Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Carlton GIFTV gif. Alfonso Ribeiro as Carlton in Fresh Prince does his signature dance in front of a front door. He's wearing an ugly Christmas sweater--typical. Alfonso Ribeiro Dancing GIFTV gif. Alfonso Ribeiro as Carlton on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He's wearing a cardigan and looks uttery jovial as he swings his arms around and performs the Carlton dance on stage.carlton dance GIFdancing with the stars carlton GIFHappy Panda Bear GIF by Panda ExpressHappy Will Smith GIFhappy fresh prince GIFlaw firm carlton dance GIFCarlton Dance GIFCollege Basketball Dancing GIF by Indiana Hoosiers
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