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Video gif. A tabby cat looking into and reaching up toward a fisheye camera, as its face presses up to the lens.Cat Hug GIFSpoon Wan GIFCats Hug GIF by ruilluCat Cuddling GIFcat hugs kitty GIFanimals spooning hug GIFCat Hug GIFVideo gif. Two cats snuggle with their arms around each other as one licks the other's head. We cut to multiple views of the cats embracing as they sleep.Video gif. Gray cat rests on its side next to an orange cat, wrapping its paw around the orange cat's neck as the orange cat stares with intense, wide-eyed fixation at something offscreen. It looks like the gray cat wants to calm down the anxiety of the moment and just chill.Cat Love GIFVideo gif. A human hand offers a cat doll to a reclining cat, who grabs it and hugs it.Cat Hug GIFcat love GIFcat hugging GIFCat Love GIF by DevX ArtCat Hug GIFanimals spooning hug GIFcat hug GIFCat Hugging GIFanimals spooning GIFCat Bear GIFcat love GIFCat Hug GIFanimals spooning hug GIF
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